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Dox Publishing is an Amsterdam-based publishing and sync agency focused on high-quality adventurous music. As a boutique publishing company, we represent a select but diverse roster of composers and songwriters in a wide variety of genres, moods and styles. Representing both master- and copyrights, we are a one-stop shop for agencies, brands, filmmakers and visual artists in search for the perfect sound for their project. We work closely with these partners to match their needs and ideas to the right music, drawing from our current catalogue as well as commissioning new music.

Dox Publishing is part of Dox Amsterdam, including booking agency Dox Live, record label Dox Records and our marketing branch Dox Concepts. We are proud of our artist-first approach which has been the essence of Dox since it was founded in 1997 by members of the jazz band Sfeq. In our 25 years of building the careers of numerous artists, we have established a wide international network of venues/festivals and promotors, partner agencies, label and distribution partners, and press. Combining networks and expertise, the company divisions amplify each other in supporting our artists in the most impactful way possible.


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